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Tips for Home Outdoors Staging

Tips for Home Outdoors Staging

- Every morning, start off by doing an exterior walk through. It's very easy.

- Bushes and flowers bed should be regularly trimmed and the walkway should be free of any debris as required. You want your entryways to look like the gardeners just left. This gives potential homebuyers the thought that if the home is well kept from the outside - than that means its most likely well kept on the inside.

- Clean the sidewalks. A clean sweep followed by a hose down.

- Remove any debris such as leafs, pine needles, small brances, etc from the flower beds.

- Clear any spiderwebs.

- Make sure the flower beds and lawn get a good spray of water.

- Remove the kids toys.

- Windos should be spot free.

- Mow the lawn once a week.

- Check for pet feces and remove them.

- Make sure before you leave your home in the morning that everything is perfect. Get in a routine and don't neglect your entryway while your home is on the market. If your outdoors are not attractive, buyers are more than likely to drive away to the next house. Buyers love nice and tidy front entries when driving by and looking at homes for sale.