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Drainage systems, drywall, french drainage, piping & more for gardens, lawns & yards.

Normal garden and yard drainage problems start during a rainstorm and can last for a few days afterward. Yard drainage problems usually fit on one of the following categories:

- Lake downspout. Rainwater is building up near the gutter downspouts.

- Soggy lawn swamp. Water builds up in other areas in the garden, lawn or yard. Some clear examples of the areas where you'll experience drainage issues include: under the deck, broad low area in an otherwise flat lawn, the pathways between garden beds, above or below a retaining wall, stretched across a dip in the driveway, along the edge of the patio, etc.

- Rainy river.  This is like a river flowing in your garden, lawn or yard. It could get started in a neighbor's property. It could go to another neighbor's property from your yard. It's imperative to know where this river drains to, a ditch, the street or probably another soggy lawn swamp.

- Eternal wet zone. This is the most complicated of all the drainage problems. This area is your garden / lawn / yard never seems to dry up, even when it has not rain for weeks. It is probably a spring, an area of unusually high water table, or a leaking water or sewer pipe.

 It's better to leave the solution to this problem to a professional like Rainbow Landscape Irrigation & Maintenance. The first step to tackle lawn drainage problems is to figure out why your garden, lawn or yard has a drainage problem, and then we can figure out what is the best way to fix it. It is much easier to appreciate the problem and determine the cause by visiting the faulty drain area after a rainstorm.

Rainbow Landscape Irrigation & Maintenance specializes in the following drainage systems:

- Drywell: it is used to quickly transfer excess surface water deeper into the subsoil.

-French drainage: moves water horizontally. It acts much like a perforated pipe that collects water from a soggy area and distributes water to drier areas.

- Others: fixing foundation drainage; fixing gutters and downspouts; improving the topsoil drainage; installing more plastic pipes; etc.


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