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Irrigation Maintenance & Construction



Spraying bark, compost, rubber mulch, sawdust, wood chips & others to protect the soil.

Mulch is a protective cover placed over soil to improve soil conditions. Mulching in gardens and landscaping mimics the leaf cover found in forest floors. Aesthetically speaking, mulch provides an attractive and well-groomed appearance to landscapes in general. There are many benefits provide by mulch, such as:

- Disease control: A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases.

- Erosion control: Some mulch products can improve soil fertility by providing nutrients to the soil.

- Facilitates maintenance: Mulching around trees facilitates maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of damage from lawn equipment such as weed whackers and lawn mowers.

- Improves soil structure: Many types of mulch can improve soil aeration, structure (aggregation of soil particles) and drainage over time.

- Insulation: Mulch serves as nature's insulating blanket. Mulch keeps soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

- Moisture: Mulch helps maintain soil moisture. Evaporation is reduced, and the need for watering can be minimized.

- Uniform look: Mulch can give planting beds a uniform, well cared for look.

- Weed control: A 2" to 4" layer of mulch will reduce the germination and growth of weeds.


 The materials used for mulching vary and depend on factors, such as availability, cost, appearance, the effect it has in the soil, etc.

 The different types of mulch applied are:

- Organic: compost mulch, pine needles, sawdust, shredded wood, whole bark nuggets, wood chips, and other products derived from plants.

- Non-organic: rubber mulch, made from recycled tire rubbers, and available in different granule sizes and colors.


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