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Irrigation Maintenance & Construction

Irrigation Maintenance & Construction


Garden Maintenance

Maintaining your garden, lawn or yard in a regular basis to make it look its best .

Garden maintenance prevents your garden from becomming an overgrown area plagued by weeds,  keeps the flowers blooming all summer long and makes your landscape looks beautiful. Garden maintenance is the main focus of Rainbow Landscape Irrigation & Maintenance. We service approximately 100 properties in a weekly and biweekly basis, and many of those clients have been using our services for years. Our main office is located in San Rafael, California, and we service the entire Marin County with our garden maintenance services. Applying fertilizers, checking up the irrigation system, checking up the garden lights, full yard cleaning up, mowing the lawn, mulching your garden, pruning the trees and bushes, removing yard debris, trimming the edges, etc. Let Rainbow Landscape do the hard work for you and provide garden maintenance services to your garden, lawn or yard. Call us at (415) 485-9231 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


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