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Irrigation Maintenance & Construction

Irrigation Maintenance & Construction


Natural grass

Laying natural grass, sod & turf for commercial & residential areas.

Rainbow Landscape has been laying sod for years in residences in Marin County, California. Allow a professional landscaping contractor like us to install a brand new sod lawn or renovate your existing dead grass. We have all the equipment necessary and experienced installers to do this job. These are the usual steps necessary to install a new natural grass lawn:

- Removing existing sod using a sod cutter.

- Hauling away and dumping removed grass and other yard debris.

- Rototilling soil.

- Installing a new irrigation system or fixing existing sprinklers and irrigation timers. Set up the entire irrigation system.

- Raking to break large clods and remove any remaining debris.

- Fine grading by scrapping across the surface to smooth uneven areas.

- Applying a sod & seed starter.

- Rolling soil using a roller to settle and firm surface.

- Laying down the natural sod.

- Cutting sod to make it fit around the borders, planters, etc.

- Rolling sod using a roller to guarantee a good contact between the new natural grass and the native soil.


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